what causes engine light to come on?

Engine warning light in a car dashboard


what causes engine light to come on?

The check engine light will go on every single time you start your car. It lasts about five seconds until it checked the performance of the engine.  Sometimes it will stay on and means that a car engine inspection must be run as soon as possible.

All car owners need to know what causes the check engine light to come on. The team of OC Truck and Car Repair LLC is going to show you the most common reasons that cause the engine light to turn on.

Check Engine Orange Light

Technicians refer to check engine light as an early warning. The causes vary from a severe problem to something that you can fix by yourself.  But no matter what is the problem, we highly recommend you to look for the source and repair it.

If you do not pay attention to this sign, your car will decrease its fuel efficiency, or the car engine would receive serious damage. Ignoring the check engine light is going to cost you a lot of money.

The 4 Most Common Reasons that Cause Check Engine Light to come on

Failure of the Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor conducts a test in the car gases to measure the amount of fuel burned. A damaged oxygen sensor will reduce gas mileage and increase emissions.

Hand holding a fuel cap

Damaged or Loose Gas Cap

A loose or moved gas cap is not a serious problem. It causes fuel vapors to leak from the gas tank. So when you check engine lights come on; you should carefully inspect your gas cap to find cracking and tears. In case you tighten it, and the light is still on, the problem is too easy to repair as replace the gas cap.

Spark Plugs and Wires

These two auto parts are vital because they conduct energy to the ignition process. Cars move as a result of this transferring of energy. So a periodical examination is a right decision to avoid an orange light on your car dashboard. It is an easy repair that does not take too much time.

Display of a mechanic repairing a car

Catalytic Converter Trouble

The catalytic converter has the function of decreasing gas emissions coming from the internal engine combustion. A catalytic converter failure presents the following two signs unusual noise and smoking.  Similar to spark plugs and wires, this auto part must receive regular maintenance to keep your car in working order.

The above-mention reasons give you an idea of what is wrong with the car engine. So start now to take care of your car by scheduling an appointment with OC Truck and car repair. You are welcome to contact us and prevent your check engine light from turning on. An expert and skilled mechanic is always going to have a more precise idea to find the reason behind the check engine light.

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