How to Improve Car Engine Performance?

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How to Improve Car Engine Performance?

Over the last ten years, OC Truck and Car Repair have been working with the idea of increasing the overall performance of cars and trucks. In this article, we want you to learn about engine performance.

What is Engine Performance?

Performance refers to the utility-cost relationship. For car engine performance, well, it is the measure of fuel used to run a mile. Just for you to know! There are several methods to taste the fuel consumption. The most popular and cheapest one is dividend mile run over the amount of gas used. However, it is not an accurate technique because other aspects affect fuel consumption.

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The Fuel-Efficient Guide

By putting in practice the following list, you will boost the fuel efficiency of your car. Also, a well-maintained car’s engine will increase horsepower and decrease repair costs in the long run.

For example, driving habits such as aggressive driving increase gas mileage due to car’s starts and breaking that require more fuel.   But, there are others that you may not know.

Motor Oil

As you may know, there are many types of oil. But, oil works similar to the blood in our bodies.  So make sure to use the oil specified in your car manual. Oil has the primary function of lubricating the engine.  Also, it is responsible for reducing wear on the moving parts and preserves the engine cold.

Check Fluids Regularly

Checking the car fluid is preventive maintenance.  All car owners can perform the oil, brake fluid, water, and steering fluid inspection once a month to have the engine in right conditions.

New Tires

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Properly inflated tires will help you to get best gas mileage. You should daily check the tires’ pressure. Also, the tires by itself contribute to obtaining optimum fuel consumption.  For that reason, we advise you to acquire low rolling resistance tires. They are a little bit more expensive but, the payback will compensate the price.

To improve your engine performance, you need more than regular maintenance to the car parts.  Here is a list of recommendations to change your bad driving habits:

  • Try not to drive with an empty tank
  • Do not rev your motor while the car is stopped or in neutral
  • Try not to accelerate when the engine is still cold

These are just some ideas that you can apply to give preventive maintenance to your car.  For an expert inspection, get in touch with us. You can also visit us in Howard Ave, Beltsville, MD.  We cover DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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