Quick and reliable truck diagnosis services near you!

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Quick and reliable truck diagnosis services near you!

As you probably know, all the electrical devices and sensors of your truck are in contact with the vehicle’s computer. Therefore, the computer is in charge of detecting any malfunctions. Anytime this happens, the computer turns on the “check engine” light. So, if you don’t know what to do, then it’s time to get a truck diagnosis service.

Our technicians at OC Truck and Car Repair offer the best diagnosis for your vehicle. Stop by or call us at (240) 640-4294 to get the necessary assistance.

Why do you need a truck diagnosis service?

 check engine light onThis computerized system is called on-board diagnostics II or OBD-II. It’s used in nearly all vehicles made from 1996 onwards. But then, many issues can trigger an abnormal sensor reading, thus turning the check engine light on.


So, how to know whether there’s a small problem or a serious issue? It takes some deeper knowledge to diagnose a problem properly. Therefore, that’s where a trusted truck diagnosis service comes.


The importance of OBD-II

Before 1995, some car models had their own diagnosis system (OBD-I). However, this wasn’t a standard system. As a result, most manufacturers differed in their codes to diagnose problems.

For example, an OBD-I computer would turn the check engine light, but the code generated would not be the same as in OBD-II. However, you still can contact your manufacturer for the accurate translation of the code.

On the other hand, OBD-II triggers the same troubled codes for all post-1996 vehicles in the US!

What will the truck diagnosis consist of?

ruck diagnosis serviceIn order to know what the problem is, our experts at OC Truck and Car Repair use a scanner. Basically, the service involves plugging the scanner into the OBD-II port of your truck.

Now, running codes into an OBD-II system will mean specific issues. These can be found on the OBD website. However, these trouble codes aren’t 100% conclusive. In fact, while a certain code can mean a single issue, the latter may have more than one possible cause.

Therefore, the computer can’t give you a diagnosis by itself. It just gives you the lead you need to follow. However, you need a trusted technician to interpret the data correctly.

For these reasons, OC Truck and Car Repair is the best choice for a truck diagnosis service. Get in touch with our professionals today!

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