Why our trusted road service is the best for your flat tires

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Why our trusted road service is the best for your flat tires

Let’s say you’re driving on the I-95 by Beltsville. Though the road looks busy that day, everything seems calm. All of a sudden, you get a blowout. Fortunately, you weren’t driving too fast so you could pull over safely. However, you don’t know how to change the tire and don’t know who to call. That’s when a road service comes to mind.

A professional road service is highly valuable to prevent these situations to go out of your control. But then, drivers often forget this, which poses several dangers. We’ll see why.

Why flat tires are so dangerous

Flat tires have many causes. However, the most common are a sharp object on the road, natural long-term friction, and even vandalism. As in the case above, a sharp, sudden puncturing is the most frequent.

Now, there are three main reasons why blowouts are so dangerous.

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Loss of control

Everybody knows that driving at high speeds isn’t quite a good idea. Add a flat tire, and you have a recipe for disaster. The main issue with blowouts is that you lose control of the car. Though, in the end, your speed doesn’t matter.

You see; a single flat tire makes it harder to drive straight. Therefore, a sudden puncture at high speeds can be potentially fatal.

If you lack a road service to call

Unexpected punctures deflate the tires almost immediately. However, while it’s the typical scenario, it’s not always obvious. Many times, air leaks slowly from the flat tire. Thus, you end up not realizing it until the car leans to one side.

In these cases, many people choose to keep driving until getting to the next gas station. However, if you’re able, try to take immediate action. Pull over and inspect the damage, if possible.

You can drive a reasonable distance before rendering the tire useless. However, you’ve got to go slower. That is, of course, if you don’t want to destroy it right away.

changing tire middle road

Passing traffic

You must take some precautions if you choose to slow down and pull off the road. Remember; accidents happen. Often, the flat tire is on the left side of the vehicle. So, pulling off your car away from the lane to an adequate distance is essential.

If you park the car near the road, any driver distracted enough can cause a rear-end collision. Or worse, someone can hit you while you’re changing the tire.

For these reasons, having a trusted road service to call is extremely useful. If you ever experience these issues near the DC area, don’t hesitate and call OC Truck and Car Repair LLC. Our experts are more than ready to help you with your flat tires.

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