Don’t let the winter storm freeze your windshield

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Don’t let the winter storm freeze your windshield

The current winter storm that affects the US has wreaked havoc throughout the country. For many people, the main problem lies with their cars. Parking your vehicle outside during a frosty night is a sure sign of having a frozen windshield the next morning.

Of course, you can turn your car on and let the engine fuel the defroster. Indeed, the ice will melt away, but it’s quite a waste of gas and time (and you may not even have much of either). Also, you could scrape the windshield, but it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming – not to mention that you’ll have to withstand the cold.

However, it’s not impossible to defrost the windshield more easily. Let’s see what these methods are.

How to tackle the effects of the winter storm

pot lukewarm water defrost windshieldUsing lukewarm water

Yes; it’s as easy as it sounds. Accessible and straightforward, it’s a sure method to melt the ice away. However, make sure not to use hot water. The difference in temperature will dilate (expand) the glass, which may crack it.

Now, fill a one-gallon bucket with lukewarm water (3/4 should do). Then, you have to pour the water slowly over the windshield, in a horizontal way. Start from the top left or the top right corner. You’ll see that the water will quickly turn the ice into sludge. At this point, it’s going to be easy to remove it with the windshield wipers. You can also wear a glove to do it with your hand.

Finally, just use the remaining water to take out the ice on the windows.

Via rubbing alcohol

It sounds like a weird way to tackle the effects of the winter storm. However, it’s way more efficient than you think.

Interestingly enough, that rubbing alcohol that you store on your first-aid kit has a lower freezing point than water. Compare the 32°F needed to turn water into ice with the -128°F required in the case of alcohol. Therefore, the latter won’t freeze when exposed to the outside temperature.

spraying alcohol melt ice windshieldIn fact, the opposite will happen. The alcohol will transfer its heat to the ice, thus making it thaw. As such, it’s a fantastic method for de-icing the windshield.

So, the only thing you must do is to mix eight ounces of rubbing alcohol with four ounces of water at room temperature. Then, use a spray bottle to apply the mixture over the windshield. Just make sure to cover all of the glass. Finally, let the solution seep into the ice for a minute and wipe it with a gloved hand. Also, you can scrape it with a plastic credit card with no added effort whatsoever.

There you go. These two methods will surely take some of the winter storm stress away. However, get in touch with OC Truck and Car Repair LLC if you ever need urgent helpor get stuck on the road. Our professionals will be glad to help.

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